GTC Internet, the affordable way to get secure and reliable internet access
Now you can surf at near DSL speeds with GTC Internet Turbo!
Turbo is an accelerator, using your existing dial-up phone line. Our proprietary compression process makes your online experience that much faster - up to 7x faster than standard dial up!
Accelerate the delivery of web pages
Speeds Up Web Page loading times
Reduce bandwith consumption
4 Email Accounts
10MB of mailbox space
For basic web surfing and email needs, you can't beat GTC Internet's affordable pricing and reliable service.
Over 50% Savings
vs AOL, Earthlink, MSN.
Nationwide Access
Thousands of access numbers nationwide.
Check local availability
No Set Up Fees
Pay nothing to Start.
Free Some providers charge you by the minute to help you!

Or Call 888-240-0412

Internet Service Agreements
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Web Mail
GTC Turbo
GTC Internet Turbo requires one of the following operating systems:
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows XP.
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.1 and higher and/or Netscape version 6.0 and higher.
*Promotional rate of $7.99/mo. for Classic Internet and $11.49/mo. for Turbo Internet requires an advance pre-payment for 12 months of service ($95.88 for Classic & $137.88 for Turbo, respectively). After the 12 month initial term is over, this service will continue on an annual basis. In the event that you elect to terminate service before the 12 month term is over, any refund owed will be based on the monthly rate reverting to the then current standard per month Classic or Turbo rate for the month(s) that you have used the service, which will be deducted from the remaining balance.
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